Welcome to Learning Module 2: Methods
When creating content online it is important to know your target group (in your case senior citizens) and its needs and strengths in order to create the best learning experience possible. Knowing the most common learning theories and types of learners can help you in creating a successful course, too.
  • What means lifelong learning to this target group?
  • How do we memorize and process information?
  • How can I influence the participants of my course so that they have fun learning what I want to teach them, that they have trust in their ability to learn and how can I motivate them to learn?
  • What are the most renowned learning theories and how do they apply?
  • What types of learners are there and how does this influence their way of learning?
You are going to learn facts worth knowing about the brain, what really changes when it comes to learning at an older age, about motivation and strategies to influence learning processes positively.