• Anmelden


Introduction (1/2)

My name is Maureen and I have always been interested in handcrafts.  I think I got this interest from my mother who was also interested in all handcrafts particularly knitting.  She was a very keen knitter and even knitted in the car on long journeys – not an easy task in a time before cruise control, power steering or motorways.  I also like knitting and have made several garments over the years for my children and now for my grandchildren.
When I left school and before I got my first job I was shopping one day in the wool department of a large store when the elderly assistant there was showing her customers how to crochet and make a lacy summer top.  I was intrigued and this lady showed me some basic stitches, sold me the pattern and some wool and sent me on my way.  She stressed that she could be called on if I had any difficulties and I had a few!!!  She was so kind.  I could call into her in the store and she helped me sort out the problem.  I’d like to pass on the skill she taught me all those years ago (over 50) and show you how to crochet and to make a Corner to Corner (C2C) Blanket.  I have made several of these blankets. They make a lovely gift for a new born baby.